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the finest of veneers EldcanOur primary objective at ELDCAN Forest Products has always been simple: We Will Provide Our Customers with the Best Quality True-Colour Veneers Available.


Specializing in Alder and other West Coast species, our unique strength is in our ability to provide you, our customer, with a superior quality product that perfectly retains the stunning natural colours of kiln-dried Alder.


Working only with the finest trees grown in the Northwest, our passion for high quality is clearly reflected in the fact that our Sliced & Spliced Veneer Products are shipped worldwide to discriminating repeat clientele.

The art of Veneering

The art of Veneering was first introduced by Egyptian artisans (circa 3000 BC) as a means to create high quality furniture and elaborate burial sarcophagi from wood that was highly valued for its beauty and aesthetics, but scarce in the desert regions of Egypt. Their newly invented process provided a way for these craftsmen to ‘stretch’ their limited supplies, deriving significantly more use from valuable imported woods by meticulously sawing logs into very thin boards.


This antique ‘sawing process’ eventually gave way to the “peeling” of logs and "slicing" of lumber, as higher quality blades and systems were developed. By the end of the 19th century, thin inlay veneer became a popular and affordable addition to some of the finest furniture designs and other decorative and artistic creations. By the early 20th century high-quality exotic wood veneers were being used by designers, craftsmen, hobbyists and artists to create a wide variety of exceptional furniture, works of art, etc.


The Natural Beauty of Veneer

Individuals not experienced in the contemporary use of veneers often hold the misconception that “solid wood is always better”; however wood veneer offers clear advantages over solid wood in many applications that simply cannot be overlooked. Forget the poor quality items attached by inferior glues we've all seen in the past. The advantages of quality veneers and advanced gluing techniques have brought the art of veneering back in to professional cabinet and furniture shops where it is used routinely by elite furniture makers.


One strong advantage of veneer is that some species of wood are simply unstable in lumber form. Even the most unruly woods can be sliced into veneer and used to make spectacular yet stable panels. For example the beautifully unorganized grain in whole pieces of burl-wood is virtually guaranteed to warp and split if left in its whole form. Slicing these or any wood into veneer keeps its natural ‘movement’ under control, providing stronger, straighter, and more uniform products that are much less likely than conventional lumber to warp, twist, bow or shrink.


Many wood species are so rare and valuable that they are simply unaffordable in their solid form. Combining the marked and growing scarcity of fine logs with an ever-increasing demand for fine wood products, and the result is a log worth ten times what it was 5 years ago. By slicing that log into veneer, the square feet of the "face" material is increased dramatically, and a new economy is created for these forest products.


From a functional perspective, anyone who has seen a classic 'serpentine clothes dresser' understands the practicality of using veneer for elaborate or curved work projects, however veneer is certainly not limited to fancy projects. Oak, Alder, Cherry and other hardwood plywoods are more than just practical, they're often considered indispensable for many high-end woodworking projects.


Discriminatory use of high quality veneer provides furniture-makers with the ability to enrich their final results, creating diverse and unique styles of high quality furniture, while producing cost-effective products with reliably consistent results. A highly figured veneer can often be the qualifying characteristic that makes one project stand well above the rest. Veneer offers a unique opportunity to work with some of the most beautiful and exotic woods in the world.

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