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At Eldcan Forest Products we are proud that we have become known throughout the industry for our ability to produce high quality veneers; and even more importantly for our exceptional and unique ability to manufacture veneers with superior colour preservation that consistently match the colours of dry-kiln Alder! 


As a grass-roots company we opened our doors just over a decade ago with an unwritten policy that has never changed: "We will supply every customer with quality products in every shipment”.  This strategy was not a 'sales-pitch' to attract customers, but a true reflection of our core values that has vaulted our “little family business" into a world-renowned supplier of quality veneers.


Our consistent focus on quality since our inception in 2000 has created the need for constant expansion to keep up with ever-increasing demand.  In 2006 we moved from our modest start-up location into a brand new 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility situated on a 13-acre industrial property.  Technological advances in our new facility (such as precision control chambers with computerized management of critical times and exact temperatures) allow our technicians to achieve consistently perfect colour profiles, and other quality-control specifications.


Our customers are always happy to learn that we at Eldcan have not permitted this continuous focus on quality to compromise our efforts at minimizing the ecological footprint of our business.  As an example of these efforts, our carefully controlled conditioning environment allows us to recycle significant amounts of the water needed for the manufacturing process.


We at Eldcan Forest Products are proud that the colour and quality of our veneers is consistently above industry standards.  In response to customer demand, we specialize in West Coast woods, with 90% of our product being Alder, and more specifically “Red Alder” (Alnus Rubra), the largest species of Alder in North America that is grown right here in the Northwest.


Interesting facts about ALDER

Alder wood products are increasingly being used for high quality furniture and cabinetry due to its workability and ease of finishing. Alder, a slightly softer hardwood than other popular woods such as Maple, Walnut and Ash, is not typically used for general construction applications. Industry trends, driven by customer demand, have recently propelled Alder Hardwood into becoming one of the more popular alternatives for specific applications such as high quality veneers. The workability of Alder gives it an economic advantage as compared with many other hardwoods, while it’s colour and general appearance makes it a much sought-after product by discriminating buyers.


Alder Hardwood has a medium luster, and ranges in colour from white through various beige-pinks, pale reds, and light browns. As one of the softer hardwoods it is easily worked, glues well, and takes an excellent finish because of its stable surface.

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